AP US History -- Periods 1 & 3

**Chapter 1 Vocabulary page with 3 AP PARTS**
**America Before Columbus**
**Nathaniel Bacon**
**Europe Looks Westward**
**Spanish Colonies**
**English Colonies**
Ch 3-Society and Culture in Provincial America
Ch. 3 Changing Colonial Population
Ch. 3 Patterns of Society
Ch 3-Awakenings and Enlightenment
Ch 3-Indentured Servitude and The Origins of Slavery
Ch.3 Colonial Economies


British Policies in the New World

Taxation Without Representation

French and Indian War

Colonial Resistance

**Lexington and Concord**

Vocabulary with 3 APARTS

The American Revolution

Ch. 5 - Vocabulary with 3 Documents APARTS
Ch. 5 - The First and Second Continental Congress
Ch. 5 - The War
Ch. 5 - Patriots Vs. Loyalists
Ch. 5 - The Articles of Confederation
Ch. 5 - War and Society

Articles of Confederation
Chapter 6 Vocab and AP PARTS
The Constitution of 1787
Hamilton's American System
Federalists vs Anti-Federalists
XYZ Affair and the Quasi War

Vocab and Documents
American Culture
Louisiana Purchase
The Jefferson Administration
Industrialism and Growing Cities
War of 1812
Postwar Economic Issues and the American System
The Era of Good Feelings
The Beginnings of Sectionalism
The Marshall Court
The Election of 1824
Chapter 8 Vocab and APPARTS


The Market Revolution Immigration- 1820 to 1860

Canal Age - Erie Canal

Nativism Native American Party or Know-Nothing PartyRailroads 1820-1860

Communication and Journalism 1820-1860

Business Expansion, Factory, Corporation, and Lowell System 1820-1860

Cult Of Domesticity

Commonwealth vs. Hunt

The Old Northwest

chapter 10 key terms and documents (3 with APPARTS)


King Cotton

Southern Problems - Trade and Industry 1820-1860

Southern Social Classes-- Southern Lady, Planter, and Plain FolkLife Under Slavery

Free African Americans-Slave Resistance 1800-1860

The Amistad Case


Romanticism Hawthorne Melville Poe

Transcendentalism, Emerson, Thoreau

Utopia Brooke farm New Harmony Oneida shakers


medicine - phrenology - contagion 1820-1860

Fire Side Poets Longfellow Lowell Homes

Education Reform 1800-1860, Lyceum Movement

Rehabilitation \ Asylum Movement \ Prison Reform \ Indian Reservations

Feminism-Seneca Falls

Abolitionism American Colonial Society Harriet Beecher Stowe Garrison

Frederick Douglas

Chapter 12 Key Terms and Documents (3 with APPARTS)


Chapter 13 Key Terms

Effect of Manifest Destiny on Westward Expansion

Birth of Texas

Oregon Territory

Election of 1844

Susan B. Anthony

American Imperialism/ Mexican American War

Impact of Mexican American War and Wilmont Proviso

Popular Sovereignty and the Compromise of 1850

President Zachary Taylor

President Franklin Pierce

Free Soil Party and the Ostend Manifesto

The Kansas Nebraska Act and Bleeding Kansas

Birth of the Republican Party

Brooks Sumner Affair

Election of 1856

Lincoln Douglas Debates

John Brown and the Raid on Harper's Ferry

Election of 1860

Chapter 14 Pages

Chapter 14 Key terms and documents

The Start of the war, Crittenden Compromise and Fort Sumter

**Republican Economic Program- Homestead Act- Prtective Tarrif- National Bank- Transcontinental Railroad**

Compare/Contrast the Union and Confederate Armies

**The Emancipation Proclamation & African American Involvment in the War**

Civil War Technology and Innovation

President Abe Lincoln

The Battle of First Manassas

Thomas Stonewall Jackson

Robert E. Lee

General George McClellan

Ulysses S. Grant

The Battle of Antietam

**The Battle of Gettysburg**

March to the Sea Appomattox Court House / End of War

**Social, political, and economic effects of the war in North , South, and West**

Chapter 13 Pages

Chapter 15 Key Terms and 3 Important Documents

__Myth of the Lost Cause__

Freedman's Bureau

Reconstruction Amendments

Radical Reconstruction

Lincoln's PLan for Reconstruction

Wade-Davis Bill

Lincoln's Assassination

President Andrew JohnsonPresident Grant - Corruption and Scandal

Scalawags and Carpetbaggers

Crop Lien System

Social Darwinism

Election of 1877 / Compromise of 1877

Booker T Washington -- first page.

The New South

Segregation / Plessy v. Ferguson

Chapter 15 Pages

Chapter 16 Key Terms/2 Documents + APARTS

The Western Tribes Hispanic New Mexico

The Transcontinental Railroad

Labor Concerns in the West

Mining in the West

Cattle Kingdom Cowboy Culture

Buffalo Bill's Wild ​West Show

The Frontier and Fredrick Jackson Turner

White vs. Native American - Tribal Policy (Note: this wiki doesn't seem to be finished...)

Indian Wars 1850-1880

Chief Joseph

George Armstrong Custer and Little Big Horn

Dawes Severalty Act of 1887

Farming in the West


Wounded Knee

Chapter 16 Pages

Chapter 17 Key Terms/2 Documents + APARTS New Industry and Technology

Thomas Edison New Research and Development / Production Methods

Railroad Expansion Social Darwinism

Gospel of Wealth

Monopoly and Trusts

Immigrants / Working Conditions and Pay (post 1860)

Child Labor \ Women's Labor

Unions and Strikes

Haymarket Bombing

Chinese Migration / Anti Chinese Immigration Movement

Chapter 17 Pages

Chapter 18 Key Terms / 2 Documents + APARTS

The Urbanization of America

Internal Migration

The Makeup of an American City (1880-1890)

Assimilation and Exclusion

Urban Housing for the Poor

The Skyscraper

Urban Poverty / Crime and Violence

The Party Machine / Boss

Boss Tweed

Thomas Nast

Mass Consumption

Spectators Sports snd Leisure Activities in the City

Simon Patten

Music and Theatre in the City

The Birth of the "MOVIE"

The Literature of Urban America

Expansion of Public Education

Chapter 18 Pages

Political Campaign Strategy in the Gilded Age

Grover Cleveland (Presidency)

The Greenback Party

The Tariff during the Gilded Age

The Election of 1892

Laissez-Faire Economics

The Election of 1888

Emilio Aguinaldo and the Philippine War

Chapter 19 Pages

Chapter 20 Pages

Chapter 20 KeyTerms with 2 Documents + APARTS

The Rough Riders Yellow Journalism Lodge Corollary The Boxer Rebellion Great White Fleet The Annexation of Puerto Rico Chapter 21 Pages

The Bull Moose Party

Booker T. Washington -- A second page.

The Party Machine and Boss

Initiative, referendum, and recall

Woodrow Wilson's Progressive Program

Origins of Progressivism

The Muckrakers

Temperance MovementRoosevelt and Trust Busting

Election of 1912

The Australian Ballot

Chapter 23 Pages:

Key Terms and AP Parts

Chapter 23 - Before the Great World War
Chapter 23 The War
Chapter 23 - World War I
Chapter 23 The War and American Society
Chapter 23 Post War

Chapter 24

Ch.24 The New Economy

Ch.24 The New Culture
Ch.24 Social Change
Ch.24 A Conflict of Cultures
Ch.24 Republican Government
Ch.24 AP Parts & Vocab.

Chapter 25

Ch. 25 Causes of the Depression
Ch. 25 Life During the Depression

Ch 25 Key Terms Chapter 27 US Armed Forces World War II - The Pacific Theatre Pacific Theatre Vocabulary Island Hopping General Douglas MacArthur Pearl Harbor Guadalcanal Iwo Jima and Okinawa World War II European Theater European Theater Vocabulary Terms D-Day Battle of the Bulge Stalingrad North African Campaign **The Holocaust** Desert Storm / Gulf War I Causes Leading to the Gulf War Gulf War Involvement Gulf War Ground Campaign Cost of the Gulf War and Media Controversies of the Gulf War Gulf War I Vocab Chapter 28 Martin Luther King, Jr. Elijah Muhammad Chapter 30 Pages Chapter 30 Economics Chapter 30 Science and Technological improvements Chapter 30 Society Chapter 30 The Civil Rights Movement Chapter 30 The Cold War Ch 30 Vocab Chapter 32 - The Crisis of Authority The Youth Culture The Mobilization of Minorities The New Feminism Enviormentalism in a Turbulent Society Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon Vocab and AP PARTS

Chapter 33 - From Age of Limits to Reagan

Future of America
Politics and Diplomacy After Watergate
The Rise of the New American Right
The Reagan Revolution
America and the Waning of the Cold War

Election of 08 - (Vocab)
Election of 08 - AP PARTS
Election of 08 - Domestic Policy
Election of 08 - Economy
Election of 08 - Health Care
Election of 08 - Iraq War
Election of 08 - Obama's Political VS Personal Life