Appomattox Courthouse
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The Appomattox Courthouse was the meeting place for General Lee and Grant met on April 9th 1865. Here negotiatins were set between the confederate and union armies for peace, the union made the confederates relinquish all weapons but let them take their horses. This was the last engament that union and confederate forces had between eachother before the confederate surrender to the union. Lee had been hoping to break through union forces and join together his army in the north and had not expected to be cut off by union forces which had a sufficeint amount of man power. After realizing he had no chance Lee had no other choice but to surrender.

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As a part of the negotioations Lee's army would not be imprisoned or prosectuted as well as take home their horses and was even generous enough to give he men a ration of food. All land or property that had been taken by the confederate army was also to be handed back over to the union.Appomattox courthouse had been the last meeting between union and confederate armies during the civil war, this location marks the end of the civil war.