When? July 21,1861

Where? Manassas (Bull Run to the Union) in Northern VAbull_run.jpg

Generals? Irvin McDowell and P.G.T Beauregard

  • first major land battle of the Civil War
  • near the Railroad junction of Manassas
Random Fact: people actually went to watch the battle with picnic lunches
  • General Irvin McDowell was in command of the Union army (about 30,000 men)
    • Union divided into 4 or 5 divisions commanded by Tyler, Hunter, Heintzelman, Miles and Runyan is the 5th
    • mostly 90-day volunteers recruited by President Lincoln after Fort Sumter
  • P.G.T Beauregard commanded the Confederate army of the Potomac and General Johnston commanded the Army of the Shenandoah
    • 2 "armies" equal numbers of McDowell's army
    • no division structure and 13 brigades
    • Leaders of the brigades were Bonham, Ewell, Jones, Longstreet, Cocke, Early, Holmes, Kershaw, Evans, Jackson, Bartow, Bee, Smith and the last was a cavalry brigade under Stuart

The Battle stonewall.jpg

  • McDowell's troops marched to Bull Run but Confederates were guarding Union Mills and Stone Bridge (two days before)
  • Union troops were sent north toward Sudley Springs Ford
  • the battle began at 5:30AM with the first shots of the day
  • General McDowell and his troops crossed at Sudley Ford and attacked the Confederates on Matthews Hill
    • Confederates fled to Henry Hill
  • the Confederate brigades came together to try to keep away the Union troops but could not hold them off for too long
  • General Thomas Jackson earned the name "Stonewall"
    • General Bee pointed to him and yelled "There stands Jackson like a stone wall!" as the Union and Confederates tried to get each other off of Henry Hill
  • McDowell's troops were forced to withdrawal once they were attacked by more Confederate troops
  • Confederate armies did not follow the Union army because they were very disorganized and tired
  • Confederate President Jefferson Davis actually arrived at the battlefield just as the fight ended


The Outcome

  • Confederate Victory
  • about 4,700 casualties total (killed, wounded, captured, or missing)
    • about 2,950 of the Union army
    • about 1,750 of the Confederate army
      • General Bartow and Bee were killed
  • the Union realizes that the war will be long and hard


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