Black Tuesday
- The day the Wall Street Market crashed in 1929.
Dust Bowl - ten-year drought in South and Midwest.
**Hoovervilles**- shack villages named after Presdient Hoover.
Smoot-Hawley Tariff - an act that raised U.S. tariffs on imported goods to record levels.
Farmers' Holiday Association - movement of Midwestern farms who created a farmers' strike.
Bonus Expeditionary Force - 43,000 marchers (WWI veterns, their families, and affiliated groups) protested in D.C. [1932]

Reconstruction Finance Corporation - an independent agency of US gov which chartered during Hoover's presidency. [1932].
Okies - Hundreds of thousands of families from the Dust Bowl (often known as "okies," because many came from Oklahoma) traveled to Cali and other states, where they found conditions little better than those they had left.
**Scottsboro Case**- Nine black teenagers were taken off a freight train in Alabama and arrested for vagrancy and disorder. Later, two white women who had also been riding the train accused them of rape. Regardless of the lack of evidence, an all-white jury in Alaba,a quickly convicted all nine of the "Scottsboro boys" and sentenced eight of them to death.
Japanese American Citizens League - worked for, among other things, laws protecting racial and ethnic minorities from discrimination.
Dale Carnegie - author of How to Win Friends and Influence People [1936]
Frank Capra - director; directed Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Meet John Doe.
Southern Tenant Farmers' Union (STFU)- founded as a civil farmer's union to organize tenant farmers in South.
The Grapes of Wrath - novel published in 1939 by John Steinbeck.
Agriculture Marketing Act - established the Federal Farm Board with a fund of 500 million dollars. The original act was supported by Hoover as an attempt was to stop the downward trend of crop prices.
Herbert Hoover - 31st President of US and president during the beginning of the depression.

FDR - Won the election of 1932 and created the New Deal and Second New Deal in hopes of moving the US out of the depression.
Election of 1932 - Landslide in favor of FDR (A democrat); represented Americans dissatisfaction with Hoover's inaction.