Cost of the Gulf War and Media


The Department of Defense estimated the gross total cost at 61 billion dollars. This cost included deployment, construction and operations in the Gulf. However, $54 billion was offset by contributions of other members of the Coalition. Two-thirds of the $54 billion was provided by the Gulf States with the remaining one-third mostly provided by Japan and Germany.

This graph shows the out of pocket and government spending of other Coalition countries to offset the US spending on the war.
external image NonUS_GW_gifts.gif
external image tankbattle.jpg


The Persian Gulf War was a heavily televised war. For the first time people all over the world were able to watch live television footage of missiles hitting their targets and fighters taking off from aircraft carriers. The Coalition used TV to show off their advanced technology to the public. In the United States, the "big three" TV news networks broadcast nightly coverage of the war: ABC's Peter Jennings, CBS's Dan Rather, and NBC's Tom Brokaw were the anchors for their evening broadcasts when the coalition air strikes began.

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