Obama & Health Care Reform
Obama & Health Care Reform
Document 1

  • Title: Obama Signs Health Care Reform”
  • Author: Daniel Kurtzman
  • Place and Time: Congress and the White house, February 17, 2009
  • Prior Knowledge: Following the 8-year incumbency of President George W Bush, the domestic status of the United States was greatly affected, especially with the high increase of foreclosures throughout the country. With the increased loss of jobs, many people were unable to afford suitable health care. As President, Bush promoted health care policies, while also enacting laws such as the No Child Left behind Act.
  • Audience: This political cartoon is most likely to appeal to an average American citizen—of voting age—because it shows how much support Obama has in regard to the Health Care Bill. And, although there was a lot of controversy about the issue, a voter who sees how supportive pasty presidents are of it, they may be swayed. However, if one were to look closely, they would see that some of these presidents are dead, and most happen to be Democratic, which may also show that only Democrats favored the bill over Republicans, because of their contracting views on Health Care Reform.
  • Reason: This was drawn to give an example of how divided society was. It also shows that although Obama may have support of past presidents, he does not necessarily have support from present leaders in the county. This basically has the effect of calling out on all increased Republican vs. Democrat tension.
  • The Main Idea: The Health Care Bill may have been signed, but not everyone who is relevant to current politics supported it.
  • Significance: This cartoon is important because it shines a light on the already present tension among political parties, while also alluding to possible future controversy over the bill once Obama is out of office.

The Center of Obama's Campaign--"Hope"
The Center of Obama's Campaign--"Hope"
Document 2

  • Title: “Hope”
  • Author: Shepard Fairey
  • Place and Time: USA, 2008 election season
  • Prior Knowledge: During Obama’s election, Shepard Fairey was a contemporary artist, graphic designer, and illustrator who designed the painting of Obama that was seen everywhere. Fairey started out selling posters of this portrait in his hometown, but eventually their way all the way to the White House, only to become the trademark of Obama’s campaign.
  • Audience: This painting really appeals to all people, but should mostly have an effect on American voters. Seeing the words “Hope” next to Obama’s face give the audience a sense of change and determination the Obama would turn the nation around. As a result of this, public opinion would be stirred, and some even say that Obama won the election because of his use of propaganda, such as this painting.
  • Reason: The point of this painting was to promote Obama’s campaign and spark interest in his desire to change society, while appealing to emotions because of the apparent lost sense of hope from the Bush administration
  • The Main Idea: Obama and hope are synonymous terms, and he can and will move society from the downturn of the past two presidencies.
  • Significance: This painting is very significant because it shows society how much they not only need Obama, but need a sense of change and hope to move forward, and it may be believed that this was a major factor in Obama winning the election, due to the increased public opinion from the promotion of the painting onto T-Shirts, bumper stickers, and many more.

Document 3

  • Title: “Education Reform”
  • Author: Daniel Kurtzman
  • Place and Time: USA, 2008 election season
  • Prior Knowledge: Since the Bush administration’s establishment of the No Child Left Behind Act, education in the United States has been full of controversy due
    Education reform In America
    Education reform In America
    to opposing views of Democrats and Republicans in terms of education reform.
  • Audience: Parents of children currently in American school systems
  • Reason: To show how society is ignoring Obama’s new education reform laws and misinterpreting them as something bad.
  • The Main Idea: Obama’s plan is very basic, but society appears to be to stubborn and simple minded to understand it’s benefits.
  • Significance: This cartoon is a really big contradiction because usually, political cartoon satirize the presidents, but instead, the American people are being made fun of. The whole point and effect is to show how society is ignoring the benefits of the Obama administration’s education reform, due to the already present lack of common sense.

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