Primary (Primary election) - an election in which people vote for a candidate who is nominated for the Presidential election

Stimulus Package - the $825 billion economic plan created by the Obama Administration in order to aid the U.S. by stimulating the economy and taking the nation out of the recession

​Electoral College - made up of elected representatives (chosen by the people) who vote and elect the president and vice-president of the United States

Democratic Party - one of the two major political parties in the U.S.; more liberal views, usually favors working/lower class, government expenditures for social welfare programs, continuing education, pro-choice for women, environmental care, gay marriage and fair taxation

Inauguration - the ceremony where the new President of the United States is inducted to office; Obama's inuguration currently holds the record for largest attendence for any event held in Washington, D.C.

Left - the term given to those who believe in Liberal ideas, sometimes used as more of a radical term; originally named for the direction in which the seats were for many European legislatures

National Debt - the total debt of the nation, mostly created from federal government expenditures, often the blame for the nation's debt is put on to the current president of that year

Pocket Veto - an important power of the president, which allows one to indirectly veto a proposed bill from Congress if left unsigned and unsent to Congress for a period exceeding 10 days

Republican Party - one of the two major political parties in the U.S.; more conservative views, usually favors little government involvement, pro-life for women, anit-immigration laws, lowered taxes, care for the Armed Forces, free enterprise and marriage between a man and woman only

Lame Duck - the term given to the former President of the U.S. during the period of time when the new president has been elected, but has not officially entered office

G.O.P - stands for "Grand Old Party", nickname given to the Republican Party

Caucus - a meeting among party leaders to nominate and select candidates for the Presidential Election

Swing State(s) - a state or states in which none of the two presidential candidates have overwhelming support, leaving a chance of winning it to either candidate; also referred to as a "battleground state"

Joint Session of Congress - When both sides, Democratic and Republican, are present in congress. During the Obama administration, this usually happened when he gave a speech about a pressing issue, such as Health Care


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