General Douglas MacArthur
Douglas Macarthur was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in January 26th, 1880 to Arthur MacArthur who was also a high ranking officer in the military. MacArthur became a great scholar and graduated first at West Point military academy in 1903. This is a very great achievement to graduate first at the United States Military Academy. He quickly rose through the ranks after being assigned his first assignment in the Phillipines. Also, during World War I, he commanded forces in France and led them to win against the Germans. After the first Great War he became the youngest Superintendent at West Point Military Academy, while also earning Brigadier General. During the Bonus Army march on the capital of D.C., MacArthur led the Federal troops with tanks and bayonets to expel the marchers, this was a very contreversial move by MacArthur. Right before the beginning of the Second World War, F.D.R. assigned him again to the Phillipines where he would be in charge of producing a military there. During his time, he gathered enough airplanes and troops to create a defensable position if they were to fight the Japanese.
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After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese began to attack the Phillipines quickly siezing the northern part of the island. After the initial attack, the Japanese quickly took over the island and MacArthur had to escape to Australia, before he left, he promised he would return. During his escape to Australia, he was named the Supreme Commander of the Pacific, he would control all military actions conducted in the Pacific.

**Island hopping** was a plan MacArthur introduced to fight the Japanese, the plan for the Pacific fleet was to capture islands that were occupied by the Japanese so they would lead up to the mainland of Japan itself and maybe invade and defeat the them. This plan was very successul in defeating the forces of the Japanese, on each island the Americans captured had huge losses for the Japanese, and the U.S. kept on closing their distance to mainland Japan. The island hopping technique got America enough airstrips to bomb Japan, and on one of those last bombing runs to end the war included the atomic bomb that would finish the Japanese off.

During the end of the war, he was present and excepted the surrender of the Japanese on the battleship Missouri. MacArthur was then given leadership of the rebuilding of Japan, from the politics to the economy. During the reconstruction, MacArthur built Japan to follow the Western standard, and it soon became an important ally to America in the Pacific. The rebuilding MacArthur had done on Japan produced the leading country in Asia, and is very important from that day on, creating a buffer zone with communist countries in Asia.

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After the reconstruction of Japan MacArthur was fired after talking to much information to the press by Truman, this outraged MacArthur, but he never came back. He returned to civilian life and owned part of the Remington Rand company.