Gospel of Wealth

Andrew Carnegie came up with a thesis that stated that the rich entrepreneur was responsible for distributing their fortune to organizations or people in most need and using it for good cause and not on fancy, expensive things. Carnegie also claimed that when you bettered people in earth, those who helped will be rewarded by God in Heaven. The way he followed this was not by actually donating money to random charities, he founded his own public libraries believing that he was giving people the tools they needed to improve themselves. He gave almost all his wealth to these foundations and or public institutions. He also founded museums and music halls.
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**Gospel Wealth** was based on laissez faire which opposed government regulation on or interference of commerce beyond the minimal requirement and somewhat of an attack on Social Darwinism. Although the Gospel of Wealth was very famous, it did not have many followers. Andrew Carnegie is one of the most outstanding philanthropist to this day.

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