Document 1

"Seven months ago, America and the world drew a line in the sand. We declared that aggression against Kuwait would not stand, and tonight America and the world have kept their word." -George H.W. Bush (February 27, 1991)
Author: George H.W. Bush
Place/Time: February 27, 1991
Prior knowledge: Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait, a small oil-rich country on the Persian Gulf, and the U.S. wished to protect its investment in Kuwait's oil.
Audience: Bush is speaking to the American people, but the message is also directed at Iraq.
Reason: George H.W. Bush is letting the American People know that they have taken a stand against Saddam Hussein.
The Main Idea: The war in Iraq was almost over, because America had pushed back Saddam Hussein.
Significance: This document signifies the American point of view, that their wars are always justified, and they are always liberators, even when their true reason is selfish.

Source: Public Papers of George Bush

Document 2

"What remains for Bush and his accomplices in crime is to understand that they are personally responsible for their crime. The Iraqi people will pursue them for this crime, even if they leave office and disappear into oblivion. There is no doubt they will understand what we mean if they know what revenge means to the Arabs."
Author: Saddam Hussein
Place/Time: February 6, 1991/Baghdad
Prior knowledge: Hussein was losing in the war, but refused to give up his efforts.
Audience: Hussein is speaking both to the Iraqi people as well as Americans.
Reason: Hussein is attacking the United States and declaring that Iraq will get revenge.
The Main Idea: Saddam Hussein wants revenge against the American government.
Significance: This document shows the tension between Iraq and the United States.

Source: Saddam Hussein: In His Own Words

Document 3

The 1991 Gulf War
Author: Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)
Place/Time: March 2, 1991/Kuwait
Prior knowledge: Coalition forces helped stop Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.
Audience: This video is intended for all involved in the Gulf War.
Reason: The purpose of this video is to show the destruction and troubles involved with the Gulf War.
The Main Idea: The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait failed and Iraq had lost the war.
Significance: This video shows the conclusion of the Gulf War as Hussein's army retreated from Kuwait to Basra due to attacks from coalition forces.

Source: CBC Archives

Gulf War Vocab

  • George H.W. Bush- persuaded several countries to help form coalition which helped Kuwait defeat Iraq’s attempted invasion
  • Suddam Hussein- militaristic leader of Iraq who attempted to annex Kuwait
  • Kuwait- small oil-rich country, neighbor of Iraq
  • Iraq- led by Suddam Hussein in 1991, attempted to invade Kuwait
  • Operation Desert Shield- US military troops were sent to defend Saudi Arabia from Iraq Desert Shield
  • Operation Desert Storm- once it was evident that Hussein was not going to retreat, Operation Desert Shield became Operation Desert Storm, an offensive campaign against Iraq
  • Coalition-alliance of groups that work together for a common cause. The Gulf War Coalition included about thirty countries all committed to helping Kuwait.
  • UN Resolution 660- condemned the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and required Iraq’s troops to withdraw; put trade embargo on Iraq
  • UN Resolution 661- reaffirmed UN Resolution 660, determined to restore independence to Kuwait
  • UN Resolution 665- expects Iraq to abide by previous resolutions in that Iraqi troops withdraw from Kuwait and allow independence to be reinstated
  • UN Resolution 678- allows Iraq one final opportunity to vacate Kuwait by January 15, 1991; if not, necessary means would be taken to remove Iraqi troops
  • Scud missile- missile used by Iraq; United States destroyed as many of these missiles as they could (Iraq fired more than 40 into Saudi Arabia during the war)
  • Highway of Death- US forces attacked Iraqi soldiers on their retreat leaving a path of destruction between Kuwait and Iraq
  • Bulldozer Assault- two brigades from the 1st Infantry Division used plows on tanks to bury Iraqi soldiers defending the Saddam Hussein Line