Simple Facts
  • Proposed by Henry Cabot Lodge, an 1871 Harvard graduate and Massachusetts senator.
  • It was supported because of America's Nationalism.
  • United States wanted Europe and Asia to leave Latin America alone.
  • Japan was looking to buy part of Mexico near Southern California, Magdelena Bay, which angered many Americans.
  • Most of the Lodge Corollary was based on the Monroe Doctrine.
  • Latin America could not make dealings with the Europeans.
  • Ratified in 1912 by the Senate
  • Under the Act no foreign power could buy any territory in the Western Hemisphere

Henry Cabot Lodge
Henry Cabot Lodge

Thoughts Behind the Lodge Corollary

  • Americans believed that only they had the right to Latin American.
  • All countries feel bound to protect their territories so the US should do the same with Latin America
  • Americans thought larger countries were trying to take advantage of Latin America and that it was America's responsibility to stop them.
  • To get to Latin America, other countries have to get through the US first.