Mass Consumption

Rise of Income in the Middle-Class In the time between 1890 and 1910 the wages of most Americans had increased by a third for both the working class and white collar workers. This one third increase of income was not experienced by all Americans. Professionals like doctors and lawyers experienced a much higher rise in income. Industries in the south found the rise in income to be very small as well as the female, African-American, and Mexican work forces. Families were now experiencing what it was like to have more income then they had ever had.

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With new Income comes a new Market

The new income the average American had allowed them to enter new markets. New techniques were being used by merchandisers to make consumer goods more affordable and available to the masses. The sewing machine made it easy to make clothes to sell at stores. People had made their own clothing on their own before but now with the clothing market people could just buy clothes that were already made from stores or mail-order catalogs. The ability to buy clothes resulted in more people who were concerned with personal style and fashion. The way food was bought and prepared changed too. Refrigerated railroad cars made it possible for perishable foods to move to other areas of the country without spoiling. Canned foods also became available to the world. These changes in food improved diets and health causing the life expectancy to rise by six years in the first two decades of the twentieth century.

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