Mexico Encourages Americans to Immigrate

  • in the early 1820s the Mexican government began to encourage American immigration
  • Mexicans hoped to raise tax revenue and strengthen the economy
  • Mexicans encouraged the idea of the Americans acting as buffer against both militant indian tribes and further U.S expansion into their territory
  • 1824- The mexican government put in a colonization law which promised new american settlers cheap land and four-year exemption from taxes
  • 1830- Attracted by rich, cotton growing land the number of Americans in Texas was twice as large as the number of Mexicans
  • 1826- An American intermediarie led a revolt to establish Texas as an independent nation
  • 1835- over 30,000 Americans lived in Texas

Americans push for Annexation

  • american immigrants in Texas began to push for a stronger tie to the U.S.
  • Americans wanted to legalize slavery in Texas although the Mexican government had outlawed it in 1830
  • mid-1830s- Santa Anna siezed power as a dictator and increased powers of the Mexican national government at the cost of state government
  • 1835-1836- Sporadic fighting began breaking out in Texas
  • 1836- Santa Anna was captured and defeated at the Battle of San Jacinto where he signed a treaty giving Texas independence
  • Sam Houston and other Texans bean to push for annexation of Texas
  • Andrew Jackson opposed annexation of Texas fearing sectional controversy and warfare with Mexico