external image dbruthcola.jpgConsumerism
The 1920's was a time during which people could afford not only the basic necessities, but also all the extra products that were becoming increasingly available. It was the creation of a mass consumer society. Middle class people were able to afford home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. The new technology helped revolutionize house work in America. It had a huge impact on women who at the time were doing most of the household chores. The most influential mass consumer item of the time was the automobile. The automobile became accesible to most people during the 20's. By the end of the decade more then 30 million cars were on the road. The car helped transform people's lives. It gave them a way to escape with increase mobility. People now had the choose to go out in the country for vacation or live outside of the city in the suburbs.

Advertising changed during the 1920's. Publicists moved away from just giving information about a product to making the product seem appealing and a must have. People were persuaded into buying items solely through glamorous packaging, much like we see today.

The Movies And Broad Casting
Films became a form of mass communication. By 1930 over 100 million people watched films. This is largely due to the addition of sound in 1927. Another form of mass communication was the radio. The emergence of the first radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh and eventually the first national broadcasting network the radio become a powerful communication tool.

The "Flapper": Image and Reality
The flappers became a symbol for rebellion and independence for women in the 1920's. Flappers were usually young single working women. They had a liberal image that allowed for smoking, drinking, dancing, more liberal attire and behavior.

The DisenchantedThe-Harlem-Renaissance.jpg
Artist and intellectuals were unhappy with the society of the 1920s. They isolated them selfs from what they considered to be the "Lost Generation". Intellectuals of the time were unhappy with the believe that contemporary America did not allow people with the opportunity to reach their goals. They were also unhappy with the out come of World War I. It was believed that the war had been in vain. Writers ridiculed and critiqued the new emphasis on material objects. Many artist who were unhappy moved to western communities others even to France.

The Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem renaissance was a boom African American culture. This movement was the out come of talented African American artist and intellectuals in northern Manhattan. Harlem became the source of popular culture like Jazz. It was also the center for literature poetry and art. This movement also created African America pride. Influential writers of the time include Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Countee Cullen, and Claude McKay.


A Survey: American History, 12th Edition by Alan Brinkely