Blitzkrieg - Lightning War, the German strategy for quickly conquering weaker nations and split and surrounded enemy forces

Allies - England, France, USSR, USA the "good guys"

Axis - Germany, Italy the "bad guys"

Nazi - Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or the National Socialist German Workers’ Party

Gestapo - The Nazi secret police in charge of finding and eliminating attacks on the Nazi party

Final Solution - The German policy for eradicating people who were considered

V E day - May 8th 1945, The day Germany's surrender was accepted

Bernard Montgomery - British General

Dwight Eisenhower - U.S. general who served as the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe

George Patton - U.S. General

Erwin Rommel - German General known as the desert fox


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US_Prop.JPG(To Joseph: American Propaganda Poster)

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(To Joseph: Soviet Propaganda Poster)
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