Yellow Journalism

Who were the yellow journalists?

  • Joseph Pulitzer- New York World
  • William Randolph Hearst- New York Journal

Emergence of Yellow Journalism

  • 1890s- Spanish American War beginning
  • Hearst and Pulitzer realized that yellow journalism was a fas way to sell newspapers and have an influence in government
  • Newspapers were often one-sided telling only of Spanish cruelty and painting sympathetic ideas of Cubans
  • Americans believed the sensational stories and pushed for action
  • name "yellow journalism" cam from a popular Hearst charachter the "yellow Kid"external image 1896-11-29b.jpg which was duplicated by Pulitzer
  • origins of yellow journalism

Effects of Yellow Journalism

  • Yellow Journalism mobilized Americans to push for war with Spain
  • one-sided stories mixed with events such as the De Lome Letter and the sinking of the U.S. Maine to create a negative view of the Spanish and a desire to take away their control
  • Pressure from media and Americans caused McKinley to declare war
  • Allowed for the first ever "Media War"
  • push by Yellow journalism
"Shade of Isabella."
"Shade of Isabella."